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Mobile Sites & Tours

mobile sites

We have a mobile version of every site in our portfolio. Customers are re-directed upon entering our site's tours when a supported mobile device is detected. The mobile tours are designed so that mobile users can view trailers quickly and easily at the tap of a button. Upon joining users get access to both the Mobile and PC versions of the site giving them great value for money.

The member's mobile areas are dedicated to video so a user can access our videos from anywhere in either 3GP or MP4 formats.

What do you need to do to start promoting?
You do not need to do anything unless you want to! Your mobiles users will automatically be re-directed to our mobile tours, we have made it clear on the tours that regular site access is included in the price and vice versa. Of course if you want to target mobile traffic directly then that is even better. Banners will be available shortly and in the meanwhile if you have any special requests just ask!

Just don't forget to let your customers know that now we offer mobile versions at no extra cost, we really feel that this is the best value for money within the crossdress and solo tgirl niche.

Just add /mob to our urls, eg:

mobile web site formats for blue pixels tgirl and crossdress pay sites

New Site!
We have launched a brand new MILF site featuring extreme and very filthy bukakke parties and gangbangs. Blondie is a busty blonde with legendary oral skills, she puts them to great use and takes insane loads to her face. Videos are shot in HD and she's going to have many fans which will be great for re-bills! View Blondie's Site

01/10/ Goes Live
We are very excited to announce that is now live and taking new affiliates. We have all the tools you need and this program is backed by a successful team with 6 years in the industry, giving you what you need is what we are here for. This program is BRAND NEW, be one of the first to promote us. Signup Now

01/10/ - NEW SITE
Carly is a 'no-limits' MILF, she loves filming and has been doing so a long time with many hugely popular DVDs to her name. Now she is focused on her own solo project and she joins our team and is ready to give her all... literally! Huge group gangbang scenes and cream-pies are just part of her charm. View Carly's Site

01/10/ - NEW SITE
Rebecca is the very first addition to Filthy Profits, she is a sexy blonde MILF with a wild side, a very wild side. Gangbangs and extreme filthy talk really get her audience going, she is highly dedicated and shooting new material almost every day to make sure customers have plenty of reasons to keep coming back. View Rebecca's Site

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